Othello is the largest community in Adams County with a population of approximately 7,500 people. Othello is said to be the gateway to the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge. This community provides ample opportunities for witnessing wildlife including the annual Sand Hill Crane Festival, water sports, golfing, hunting, hiking, antiques, collectibles, historic Old Hotel Art Gallery, wine tasting, and the fourth of July Celebration, Patriot’s Day. The plentiful water supply and favorable climate conditions make this community great. More than 60 crops are produced in the Basin, including half of the nations French fries, made from potatoes grown in the area. Delicious apples and fruits are bountiful and several local wineries have tasting rooms to enjoy. This city has several parks that encompass a total of over forty acres of land. In Othello, you’ll find serenity watching endless streams of geese & Sand Hill Cranes sweeping across blue skies. Visit the Othello website or the Greater Othello Chamber of Commerce website to learn more about Othello.