ACDC Hosts Downtown Workshop

The Reviving Rural Downtowns Workshop is offered at a low cost of $35 for rural –communities to attend and maximize their budgets for implementing innovative ideas.
Now in its third year, the workshop has successfully grown from a one day workshop with 55 participants & 16 presenters to a day and a half workshop with 105 attendees & 24 presenters plus a keynote speaker.
The skills learned from the workshop have resulted in 5 towns implementing branding & marketing efforts. A new 468 app which rewards visitors for shopping and visiting the town’s establishments has also been implemented by 2 towns & an entire Tri-County area.

Who Attends the Workshop?
• Planners
• Economic Developers
• WA Main Street members
• Downtown Associations
• Small Business Owners
• City Council Members and Mayors
• Chamber of Commerce Board and Staff Members
• Citizens Interested in Helping their Cities and Towns

Why Are We “Building a Foundation for Revitalization”?
While participants have gained knowledge from towns who have been successful at –implementing these efforts, they keep asking but how? How do you get people involved?
How do you move a big idea forward in your small town? To address the “but how”?, this year’s workshop committee is asking for financial support to present keynote speaker Deb Brown who educates community leaders on how to build their foundation for revitalization.

Keynote Presentation: “Big Ideas You Can Use in Your Small Town”
Which small towns will survive in the future? Advances in agriculture, manufacturing, and energy all mean changes to jobs, economic development and tax revenues. Given the certainty of change in our future, its time to start making your community more idea friendly. Learn the three practical ways to improve the climate for new ideas and position your small town to thrive no matter what the future brings.

Click on this link to purchase tickets or contact Julie Flyckt at 509-331-2042 or by email.