Mission & Vision


“To enhance, retain and attract commercial, industrial and agricultural growth, development and diversity within Adams County and its cities, towns and ports.”


The Adams County Development Council was formed to create a public-private partnership focused on improving the overall economic health of Adams County while preserving the natural attributes of the region and the history and cultural influences of our communities. The Adams County Development Council will help facilitate careful, well-planned growth throughout the county. Our focus will include working with regional educational institutions and agencies to facilitate workforce development; We will serve as resource to existing businesses as they explore retention and expansion opportunities; we will actively market Adams County as a viable location for new business; and we will endeavor to provide logistical support to potential new businesses and industry as they consider Adams County as a location for their investment.

The goal of the Adams County Development Council is to attract, enhance, and retain commercial and industrial development and agricultural growth within Adams County, its cities, towns and ports. The Council is working to create areas of service for local businesses regarding business start-up activities, business retention, business expansion, business recruitment and workforce development and training.

Contact the ACDC at 509-331-2042 or click here to send an email.